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Call me Denz; I am a byproduct of long distance relationship. I am currently working as an OFW or an Overseas Filipino Worker in  Brunei Darussalam, while my girlfriend is in Philippines.

We are far from each other for almost 1 year and 7 months and counting. Yes at first it's not easy since my girl is always longing for my presence; The good thing is that, I did not failed to make use of my time and let her fell how much she mean to me.

I'd like to share with you how did we make it.

We all know that the world are surrounded with too many temptation; and this is not usual to everyone as we are human, this is our weaknesses.

On how did we make it are as follows;

1. Getting to know each other.

Getting to know each other is very important. Both parties should engage and commit in an intimate relationship. Partners should know what are likes and dislikes for both and should know each of their family background and its friends-list.

2. Trust God.

God said, If you love anyone more that Him you are not worthy of him. If you trust God then He will do what's best for you. If that relationship will not work in the future, you will know it by yourself. Pray for each other and always put God into conversation.

3. Don't court a girl if you don't have plan to make that relationship last.

Make decisions the right way. If you're planning to be with someone in the future, you need to know that person very well. Don't rush to get her YES, take your time to know each other in an intimate way; you will be surprised, you might change yourself for the better. 

4. Stop wasting your time for a wrong relationship.

Before choosing the right person, be the right person first. This way you can avoid wasting your time on a wrong relationship. You can't force someone to love you, it's your duty. If you can't handle fights better talk with each other, be humble and reconciliation is a must or else you need to end that relationship as soon as possible before hurting each other.

5. Treat your partner the way it should be treated.

You need to treat your partner the very best you can, not because she is good or what you will get, but because it defines who you are to her. If you treat your garden the right way, the flowers will bloom on itself same thing with relationship.

6. You need to know the real meaning of Love.

For Christians, God is Love, Jesus showed and modeled the true meaning of Love to his people. There is no other definition of Love except Jesus himself; other than that is not love. Once you understand the true meaning of Love, you will never leave your partner no matter what happen except for sexual immorality.

7. Love is greater than your fears, insecurities and problems.

Each relationship is not perfect, for more years to come, there will be problems, disappointments and fears will be on your way. But if you really value your love more than your differences, that relationship is becoming strong.

8. Give more time each other to talk.

Time is very important in a relationship, there are times that both of you are speechless on your communications but as long as you let your partner feel that she is important to you, LDR works. Communicate to her more than the usual thing you did when you're with each other's arm.

9. Don't rush; you need to have plan.

Plan is very important, so that both partner will see the future you are working with. If your partner is not part of that plan then you need to fix that mindset or else, you will end up nothing.

9. Avoid quarreling instead talk and listen to each other's longing.

The best thing you do in a relationship is to listen. Listening is more important than talking. To argue your point is useless; you need to listen to your partner so that your partner will listen to you as well.

10. Let God be the center of your relationship.

Letting God be the center of your relationship really works. By letting God be the center of that relationship, you are consulting God's best and acknowledging that your relationship will works only by His grace. Why? How could you hurt your partner if you think that hurting people will not glorify God? Make sense?

11. You got to know your priorities.

List and know your priorities, set time for talks, set time to discuss plans and decision makings. Things that hinders your communication which is not important must be stop! right now!

12. Avoid talking expenses or money.

In a relationship this is the most sensitive topics you have to avoid. You can give without loving that person, but you can never Love without giving. Both partners should really understand how to spend money wisely. Tips? Just buy what you think really needs compare to what you want.

13. Be honest and be transparent with each other.

Everyone deserves this, not just in a relationship. Your partner should know exactly what you are doing since you are far from her. 

14. Appreciate each other's effort.

On our relationship, there are times that my girl will do corny jokes just to make me laugh. To be honest, I don't laugh, I look at it on a different angle and say "Thank you for making that effort" then we smiled with each other and say "I love you" Make sense? Everyone needs to be appreciated.

15. Correct mistakes; don't spoiled your partner.

If you love your partner, you need to correct both mistakes. Ask apology if you are wrong and do the right thing next time and likewise. If there is something wrong, look at your self first and then talk in a mature approach. Giving what she wants even if it's no longer needed is wrong.

16. Create memories.

Creating memories is very important, this will also prevent you from separation. Trust me, you will cry, if you leave her.

17. Avoid informal relationship.

We all have best friends, and etc. But sometimes this will also affect your relationship. Hanging out with friends is normal, but keeping yourself intimate with someone even your best friend does make relationship struggle. Put limitation and distance from this vices, you are in an informal relationship. If you are not ready for this, please don't commit into a relationship.

18. Be mature enough.

Of course! we want to be mature enough on handling relationship; but this does not work on a one (1) day, it will take time, learning every steps of your way. Appreciate each day to come, avoid hurting each other, let her be part of your life as you walk on your journey together.


  • Before choosing the right person, you should be the right person first. 
  • You need to know Jesus, so that you will understand the true meaning of Love. 
  • Stop wasting your time, because the moment you are wasting rime is the moment you are wasting your life.

Hope this article really helps and thank you for taking time to read. Please submit a comment down below if you sincerely like the content. You may also submit a topics and questions in a comment section below if you need answer. 

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