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Who is BloggersPh?

My name is Dinnes, a Filipino blogger, a website developer, a devoted Christian, an independent adviser, and an OFW (overseas Filipino Worker) in Brunei Darussalam.

Growing up, I personally encountered bitterness, struggles, and nothingness; as if no one I could run to except my loving family and God. I grew up in a poor family, living beside river, no neighbors and we're very far from the urban areas.

I have a God-centered family, one thing I could be proud of. It teaches me how to live in a simple and enjoyable way.I had been through many disappointments, but these doesn't stop me from helping my friends, family and people around me, but rather teach me to be more selfless individual.

I extremely have this desire to express my thoughts about God by the personal knowledge he has bestowed upon me; in the workplace, in concerned public at the right time and at the right person.

Nothing but, I absolutely don't know how to do it by means; therefore, I launched this personal blog, and hopefully someday concerned people might notice on my post and make some time to discover the content I have published with.

I am so particular in encouraging people, but honestly, I don't know how to extend my help to people in desperate need. The least I can do as of presently is to kneel down and pray for those people who really needs a help.

Why BloggersPh was formed?

want to become an active philanthropist. Therefore, I want to start by voluntarily sharing my knowledgeskillstalent and experiences on BloggersPh to create a better world by my own means. This was undoubtedly formed to influence and encourage people who desperately needed personal help and personal attention. 

What are topics does bloggersPh contains of?

BloggersPh official blog, shares topic about learning the odd way of personal being in which or how a person lives, the so-called lifestyle. This personal blog merely discusses Relationship, Maturity, genuine Christianity and Web development topics and or discussions.

How does BloggersPh contribute on online communities?

Bloggersph will serve as a learning area, a shelter, a personal guide for web development topics, relationship matters, personal intimacy with God and social maturity growth.

Where does BloggersPh located in?

BloggersPh is currently based and located in the Philippines, created by a Filipino blogger.

When did BloggersPh started?

This official blog was started in September 2019.

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